Group solutions

International Health Insurance 

Comprehensive Coverage
● Cover all necessary and reasonable medical expenses, and much more extensive than social medical insurance
● Sum assured can be as high as RMB 16 million.
● Reimbursement for outpatient, inpatient, maternity, emergency assistance and evacuation expenses, as well as dental, vision and wellness.
● Direct billing with over 860,000 medical providers in approximately 150 countries spanning 6 continents, including over 1500 private and public hospitals and clinics in over 47 tier I & II cities in Greater China.

Vast Geographic Coverage
We provide standard geographic coverage options to meet your needs

● Worldwide: covers you in every country
● International: covers you in every country except for the U.S. and Canada
● Greater China: covers you in Mainland China, HongKong, Macao and Taiwan
● Mainland China: covers you everywhere in Mainland China

High Flexibility
● For large groups, we can tailor solutions to meet your specific needs 
● For individuals and families, we provide multiple options catering to

Term Life Insurance

● Pays designated beneficiaries a lump sum benefit for loss of life due to sickness and accidents.
● High sum assured can be as high as 6 times annual salary.
● High free cover limit
● Benefit can be paid to a foreign bank account in various currencies.
● Different options for geographic coverage, from Worldwide to Mainland China only.

AD&D Insurance

● Pays designated beneficiaries a lump sum benefit according to the Accidental Death and Dismemberment Schedule 

for loss of life or dismemberment due to accidents.
● High sum assured.
● Benefit can be paid to a foreign bank account in various currencies.

Health Management 

● Flexible health management solution tailored to your needs and customized to suit individuals’or corporations’budgets

 and health plans Local and overseas health check arrangement, health record
● High sum assured.Management, medical consultations, health management planning and thorough follow-through services
● One-stop specialists’ referral, express access to consultations and hospitalization as well as dedicated accompanying services

Long Term Disability

● High sum assured
● Provide employees with protection against financial hardships from disability, sickness and accidents
● Indemnity period up to the earliest date of recovery, death, or normal retirement age

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